Lara Jost – Medical Humanities Seminar – 24 June – “Endometriosis and Sources of Knowledge”

Wednesday 24th June, 1 – 2pm

Lara Jost (CEPPA Postgraduate Member)

‘Endometriosis and Sources of Knowledge’

Lara currently works on sources of knowledge, and the credibility deficit incurred by people using what is not deemed an ‘appropriate’ source of knowledge. Endometriosis provides a great case study to discuss, as there is a real tension between only knowing through one’s experience and the general framework requiring knowledge to be acquired from the perspective of a generic knower. Indeed, how can someone explain that this pain is not normal, in a case where pain is expected, if not through their subjective experience? Lara argues that this could explain, in part, the long time patients have to wait between the first time they raise concerns to their doctors and the time a diagnosis is finally offered. 



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