2020 Haldane Essay Prize Winner

Congratulations to Kyle Van Oosterum for winning the first annual competition for the Haldane Essay Prize!

2020 Knox Lecture video is now available!

On 9 June 2020, Prof. John Haldane gave the Sir Malcolm Knox Memorial Lecture, "Philosophy and Public Affairs in Historical Perspective".  The video recording of that lecture is now available here.

Ben Sachs tackles animal ethics

In a new series of three videos, Ben Sachs, Director of CEPPA, answers questions from the public on animal ethics.  The questions are: How do we draw the line with animal ethics? Does animal ethics deal with domesticated species differently? …
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CEPPA Chats, 1st Series, Episode Nine - Cecile Fabre

In this YouTube video, Cecile Fabre sits down with Ben Sachs to discuss a sensitive topic in light of the 2016 U.S. Presidential and Brexit votes—foreign interference with the democratic process. This is the last of the 1st Series of CEPPA…

A Prize for Lara!

Lara Jost has won the Society for Applied Philosophy’s Annual Conference 2020 Postgraduate Essay Prize for her paper, the ‘The Emotional Account of Microaggressions’. Paper link below!  Another great accomplishment for a CEPPA Postgraduate…

CEPPA Chats, 1st Series, Episode Eight - Helen Frowe

In this YouTube video, Helen Frowe sits down with Theron Pummer to talk about whether it makes sense to think of soldiers as more legitimate targets of military force than civilians. Follow CEPPA on Twitter @_CEPPA to see each new episode…
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Lara Jost - Medical Humanities Seminar - 24 June - "Endometriosis and Sources of Knowledge"

Wednesday 24th June, 1 – 2pm Lara Jost (CEPPA Postgraduate Member) ‘Endometriosis and Sources of Knowledge’ Lara currently works on sources of knowledge, and the credibility deficit incurred by people using what is not deemed an ‘appropriate’…

CEPPA Chats, 1st Series, Episode Seven - Hilary Greaves

In this YouTube video, Hilary Greaves sits down with Theron Pummer to offer her controversial viewpoint on poverty, global health, extinction, artificial superintelligence, and which problems are most worth our effort to avert Follow CEPPA…

CEPPA Chats, 1st Series, Episode Six - Jeff McMahan

In this YouTube video, Jeff McMahan sits down with Ben Sachs to talk about whether animals are the moral equals of humans, how we ought to treat humans with severe cognitive limitations, and whether there is anything wrong with eating lab-grown…

CEPPA Chats, 1st Series, Episode Five - Thomas Schmidt

In this YouTube video, Thomas Schmidt sits down with Johannes Nickl to talk about what we can reasonably expect from an ethical theory. Follow CEPPA on Twitter @_CEPPA to see each new episode of the 1st Series of CEPPA Chats as they're released…