The Centre for Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs (CEPPA) aims to coordinate and facilitate collaborative research and outreach on topics in moral and political philosophy, with an eye on impact.  There are currently seven Projects being developed: The Future of Work and Income; Blame and Responsibility; Effective Altruism; Knowledge, Democracy, and Public Discourse; Philosophy and Education; Virtue and Character; and Human Rights.  See below for more information about each project, including the people involved, current activities, publications, and plans.  Please get in touch if you are interested in collaborating with us on any of these projects, or if you would like us to consider further collaborative research or outreach projects.

Effective Altruism

Exploring the philosophical foundations of a new social movement that encourages people to do the most good with their charitable activities (donations of money, time, and effort).

Knowledge, Democracy, and Public Discourse

Examining the roles of knowledge, reasoning, and public discourse in a democratic society, with a focus on duties of intellectual charity, the right response to disagreement, epistemic injustice, reliance on expert opinions, and educating with humility.

Philosophy and Education

This practical project aims to increase and support the role of philosophy in nursery, primary and secondary education by disseminating philosophy skills to teachers.

Virtue and Character

Exploring the nature of virtue and character, their role in moral theory and practical ethics, their relation to motivation and action, and their place in the evaluation of public figures, politicians, role-models, and so on.

Human Rights

This research project looks into a number of questions concerning human rights, including those relating to the nature and grounds of human rights, human rights and duties to people suffering severe poverty, human rights and the individual, and the challenges of diversity.

Blame and Responsibility

The core objective of this project is to bring together researchers in epistemology, ethics, and metaphysics to shed light on key questions concerning blame.

The Future of Work and Income

The Future of The Future of Work and Income project seeks to advance research in this area.