Cook Lectures 

With the support of the Gordon Cook Foundation, the Centre arranged and administered a lecture series on the theme of Values and Education.

The initial series of four Victor Cook Memorial Lectures was on Values, Education and Culture and was held at each of two venues – the Centre for Philosophy and Public A ff airs, St Andrews, and the Centre for Philosophical Studies, King’s College London – in the spring of 1992.   The second series, on Education, Values and the State, was delivered during 1993/94 – in St Andrews, Aberdeen and Cambridge. The third series, entitled Education, Values and Religion was given in St Andrews, Edinburgh and Oxford in 1996. The fourth series was held in 1998 on the theme of Education, Values and Science.

The eight Cook Lecturers were as follows:

1998 Mary Midgley (philosopher, columnist, broadcaster)
Bryan Appleyard (columnist Sunday Times )
Education, Values and Science
1996 Lord Sutherland (sometime Principal Edinburgh University)
Lord Sacks (Chief Rabbi of Britain and the Commonwealth)
Education, Values and Religion
1994 Lady Warnock (sometime Mistress, Girton College, Cambridge)
Richard Pring (Professor of Education, Oxford)
Education, Values and the State 
1992 Lord Quinton (sometime President, Trinity College, Oxford)
Anthony O’Hear (President, Royal Institute of Philosophy)
Education, Values and Culture 

These lectures were issued as booklets by the Centre in the years in which they were given and revised versions are published as the first volume of St Andrews Studies in Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs.