The Centre for Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs (CEPPA) promotes exploration into important ethical issues arising in public life. Its field of interest comprises ethics, social and political philosophy, and the philosophical dimensions of public affairs. The Centre houses research projects, outreach projects, seminars, conferences, academic visits, fellowships, publishing, and public discussion on topics within its field of interest.



Environment Bill: UK government offers five principles for protecting nature – here’s why they won’t work

Ben Sachs in The Conversation: the UK government offers five principles for protecting nature, and why they won’t work.

Green Thinking Podcast

Be sure to catch Alex Douglas's Green Thinking podcast episode on the future of work in a post-Covid-19 world and environmental implications!
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Leverhulme Award on the Moral Responsibility of Groups

Jessica Brown has been awarded £113,714 to investigate the moral responsibility of groups such as companies and governments!

Below you will find details of eight projects that members of CEPPA are currently tackling. Prospective visitors, speakers, or other affiliates of CEPPA should note, however, that the Centre has a very broad scope; any topic in ethics (applied ethics, normative ethics, or metaethics), social, political, legal, or public philosophy, would fall within the Centre’s remit regardless of any connection or lack thereof to these eight highlighted projects.

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