The Centre for Ethics, Philosophy and Public Affairs (CEPPA) promotes exploration into important ethical issues arising in public life. Its field of interest comprises ethics, social and political philosophy, and the philosophical dimensions of public affairs. The Centre houses research projects, outreach projects, seminars, conferences, academic visits, fellowships, publishing, and public discussion on topics within its field of interest.



CEPPA Chats, 1st Series, Episode Five - Thomas Schmidt

In this YouTube video, Thomas Schmidt sits down with Johannes Nickl to talk about whether it makes sense to think of some actions as ‘going beyond’ what is morally required. Follow CEPPA on Twitter @_CEPPA to see each new episode of the…

Alex Douglas on Private Debt Forgiveness

CEPPA's own Alex Douglas recently participated in a workshop on the lockdown exit strategy; check out the recording here.  Further information on the workshop: Context: A key part of the Government’s response to the Coronavirus economic…

CEPPA Chats, 1st Series, Episode Four - John Haldane

In this YouTube video, John Haldane, sits down with Theron Pummer to talk about what it is to be reasonable and whether we should restrain the way we present our opinions in the public forum. For those interested in Professor Haldane's work,…

Below you will find details of seven projects that members of CEPPA are currently tackling. Prospective visitors, speakers, or other affiliates of CEPPA should note, however, that the Centre has a very broad scope; any topic in ethics (applied ethics, normative ethics, or metaethics), social, political, legal, or public philosophy, would fall within the Centre’s remit regardless of any connection or lack thereof to these seven highlighted projects.

We are currently seeking funding to help enhance the scope of our work

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Jun 09

John Stuart Mill Cup 2020 – Cancelled

June 9 @ 4:00 pm - 7:00 pm
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Sep 24

Wild Animal Ethics Conference – Postponed

September 24 - September 25