CEPPA Calendar spring 2024

CEPPA Talks (4-5.30pm on Thursday afternoon)

Week 1 (18 Jan) – online and streamed from Edgecliffe G03

Selim Berker (Harvard)

‘Is there Anti-Fittingness?’


Week 2 (25 Jan) – Edgecliffe G03

Thom Brooks (Durham)

‘Justice and the Problem of Alienation’


Week 3 (1 Feb) – Edgecliffe G03

Jonathan Birch (LSE)

‘Debating proportionality at the edge of sentience’


Week 4 (8 Feb) Climate Ethics – Edgecliffe G03

Mark Rowlands (Miami)

‘World on Fire: Climate, Extinction, Pandemic’


Week 5 (15 Feb) – Edgecliffe G03

Andreas Mogensen (Oxford)

‘Welfare and Felt Duration’


Week 6 (22 Feb) Climate Ethics – Edgecliffe G03

Luca Stroppa (St Andrews)

‘The Ranked Range View’


Week 7 (7 Mar) – online and streamed from Edgecliffe G03

Renee Jorgensen (Michigan)

‘Encroachment and epistemic negligence’


Week 8 (14 Mar) – online and streamed from Edgecliffe G03

Sergio Tenenbaum (Toronto)

‘Practical Reason and the Satisfaction of Desire’


Week 9 (21 Mar) – Edgecliffe G03

Elad Uzan (Oxford)

‘Compromises and Lesser-Evil Compromises in Ending Wars’


Week 10 (28 Mar) Climate Ethics – Edgecliffe G03

Quân Nguyen (Edinburgh)

‘Is despair about climate breakdown rational?’


Week 11 (4 Apr) – Edgecliffe G03 

John Broome (Oxford)

‘The continuum argument is invalid’


Week 12 (11 Apr) – Edgecliffe G03

Michael Gill (Edinburgh)

‘Humean Existentialism and the Authoritative Ought’


Week 14 (25 Apr) – Edgecliffe G03

Helen Frowe (Stockholm)



Week 15 (2 May) Climate Ethics – Edgecliffe G03

Bridget Bradley (St Andrews)

“Ethical births, ethical deaths: Climate anxiety in Britain through the life course”.


Week 18 (16 May) – Edgecliffe G03 Neil Sinhababu (Singapore)

‘Pleasure Fundamentalism’


Other CEPPA events


Every Thursday before CEPPA seminar, 2.30-3.30pm, Edgecliffe G03

Moral Philosophy Reading Group


Jan.-Feb, Thursdays 12-1pm (weeks 1-5), location TBA

Reading Group on Raymond Geuss, A Philosopher Looks At Work


17-19 April

Global Priorities Institute (Oxford) visits CEPPA


16 May

Book workshop for Dan Muñoz (UNC Chapel Hill), on his forthcoming book What We Owe Ourselves (OUP).


21-22 May

Knox Lecture and Seminar – Elizabeth Anderson (Michigan)


23-24 May (TBC)

Climate Justice workshop