CEPPA Works-in-Progress Series

We read and discuss selected papers on moral philosophy and related topics.

We meet on designated Wednesdays 11am to 12.30pm in Edgecliffe G03.

Contact: Ben Sachs


Kantemporary literature reading group

The group discusses contemporary Kant-inspired literature. The aim is not to do Kant exegesis, but to engage with contributions that identify as Kantian or anti-Kantian.

The current theme is Ethics, particularly: internalism about practical reasons, moral worth, normative ignorance, and conscience.

We meet on Thursdays from 3-5pm in the Arché seminar room.

Contacts: Stefano Lo Re; Claire Field


Cover to Cover Reading Group

Description: This group reads a well known book in moral and political philosophy “cover to cover” in a clear and distinct schedule. The aim is to gain a deeper and more systematic understanding of the arguments in a concise time period.

We are currently reading John Rawls’s Political Liberalism.

We currently meet Wednesdays 3-5pm in the Arche Seminar Room.


Contacts: Saranga Sudarshan (ss340@st-andrews.ac.uk), Stefano Lo Ro (slr7@st-andrews.ac.uk)