Reading Groups

Moral Philosophy Reading Group

Description: This group reads and discusses an article per week, chosen by a different member each time.
Day/time: Thursday 3pm-4pm.
Location: Arche Seminar Room
Organizer: Mara van der Lugt ([email protected]).

Cover to Cover Reading Group

Description: CEPPA’s Cover to Cover Reading Group reads a well known book in moral and political philosophy “cover to cover” in a clear and distinct schedule. The aim is to gain a deeper and more systematic understanding of the arguments in a concise time period.

For S2 of 2023-24, we are reading Raymond Geuss A philosophers look at Work

Organizer: Alex Douglas and Benjamin Sachs.

In the past we’ve read Hannah Ardent Responsibility and Judgement, Rawls’s Political Liberalism, Kamm’s Almost Over, Kagan’s Limits of Morality and How to Count Animals, Stangl’s Neither Heroes nor Saints, Wendell’s The Rejected Body, Quong’s The Morality of Defensive Force, and Lear’s Radical Hope.