Environment Bill: UK government offers five principles for protecting nature – here’s why they won’t work

Ben Sachs in The Conversation: the UK government offers five principles for protecting nature, and why they won’t work.

Green Thinking Podcast

Be sure to catch Alex Douglas's Green Thinking podcast episode on the future of work in a post-Covid-19 world and environmental implications!
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Leverhulme Award on the Moral Responsibility of Groups

Jessica Brown has been awarded £113,714 to investigate the moral responsibility of groups such as companies and governments!

AHRC Networking grant for "The Future of Work and Income"

Alexander Douglas and Ben Sachs have been awarded an AHRC Networking grant worth approximately £24,000 for their project "The Future of Work and Income"!

Moral Philosophy Reading Group

We read and discuss one article per week (Wednesdays 3pm-4pm). Beginning 27 Jan 2021.

2020 Haldane Essay Prize Winner

Congratulations to Kyle Van Oosterum for winning the first annual competition for the Haldane Essay Prize!