Knox Lectures 

The Sir Malcolm Knox Memorial Lecture is given each academic year, usually in the spring, by a leading philosopher or political theorist. The Knox Lecturers to date are:

2024 Elisabeth Anderson (Michigan) Categorical Inequality and the Economy of Esteem
2023  Sally Haslanger (MIT) Social Reproduction and the Politics of Care
Frances Kamm (Rutgers) Handling Future Pandemics: Harming, Not Aiding, and Liberty
2021  Tim Scanlon (Harvard) Further Reflections on Tolerance and Its Difficulty
2020  John Haldane (Baylor and St Andrews) Philosophy and Public Affairs in Historical Perspective
2019  Susan Wolf (UNC Chapel Hill) Criticizing Blame
Melissa Lane (Princeton) Plato on the Purpose of Rule
Peter Singer (Princeton and Melbourne) Living Ethically in the 21st Century
2016  Rae Langton (Cambridge) Blocking as Counter-speech
2015  Nancy Cartwright (UC San Diego and Durham) Will this Policy Work for Us? Understanding and Misunderstanding Randomised Controlled Trials
2014  Michael Ignatieff (Harvard) Civil Courage and the Moral Imagination
2013  Anthony O’Hear (Buckingham) Virtue, Upbringing and Moral Reasoning
2012  Quentin Skinner (London) The Utilitarian ‘Discovery’ about Liberty
2011  Lord Sutherland (Edinburgh) Universities: Where There is No Vision
2010  Susan Mendus (York) Religious Terrorism & Political Liberalism
2009  Henry Shue (Oxford) Indiscriminate Disproportionality
2008  Robert George (Princeton) Modern Legal Philosophy
2007  John Broome (Oxford) The Ethics of Global Warming
2006  Ted Honderich (London) Humanity, Terrorism, Terrorist War
2005  + Hilary Putnam (Harvard) Just and Unjust Wars
2004  Alan Ryan (Oxford) Liberal Imperialism: A Defence
2003  John Gray (London) Al Quaeda & the Meaning of Modernity
2002  Samuel Scheffler (Berkeley) What is Egalitarianism?
2001  + Joseph Raz (Oxford) Personal Attachments & Universal Values
2000  Jeremy Waldron (Columbia) Basic Equality
1999  + Derek Parfit (Oxford) Reasons & Rationality
1998  Martha Nussbaum (Chicago) Feminism & Internationalism
1997  + Richard Rorty (Virginia) Is It Possible to Love Truth?
1996  + Roger Scruton (London) Animals and How to Treat Them
1995  Charles Taylor (McGill) Two Theories of Modernity
1994  Baroness O’Neill (Cambridge) Principles, Judgements & Institutions
1993  + Gerald A. Cohen (Oxford) Is There Still a Case for Socialism?
1992  + Baroness Warnock (Cambridge) The Idea of Moral Consensus
1991  + Sir Bernard Williams (Oxford) Equality, Liberty and Resentment
1990  Sir Anthony Kenny (Oxford) Newman on Religious Belief
1989  + Sir Neil MacCormick (Edinburgh) Is Nationalism Philosophically Credible?
1988  Alasdair MacIntyre (Notre Dame) The Politics of Truth-telling and Lying
1987  + Ronald Dworkin (Oxford) What is Political Equality?
1986  + John Rawls (Harvard) Political Liberalism and its Public Role
1985  + Lord Quinton (Oxford) Reflections on Individualism