Knox Lecture: 21st May 2018

The 2018 Knox Lecture, ‘Plato on the Purpose of Rule’

Monday 21 May 5:15-6:45pm

School III, St Salvator’s Quad, North Street, St Andrews

Prof Melissa Lane


Prof Melissa Lane, Princeton University



Melissa Lane is the Class of 1943 Professor of Politics, and Director of the University Center for Human Values, at Princeton University. Her books in the UK include Greek and Roman Political Ideas (2014), Eco-Republic (2011), Plato’s Progeny (2001), and Method and Politics in Plato’s Statesman (1998). Among other honours, she has been awarded Fellowships of the Guggenheim Foundation and of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufacturing, and Commerce, and is the 2018 Carlyle Lecturer at Oxford University. Lane holds a PhD in Philosophy from the University of Cambridge, where she was previously a Fellow of King’s College.

The title of Prof Melissa Lane’s Knox Lecture is ‘Plato on the Purpose of Rule’.

Abstract: TBA mid March, 2018