CEPPA Works-in-Progress Talk – James Harris (St Andrews)

Title: “Some people and the people” Abstract: When is an action, or a choice, or a desire, an action or choice or desire of the people, as opposed to being an action, or choice, or desire of some people? In this talk I consider eight possible answers to this question. I focus in particular on the idea that the ... Read more

Workshop on Blame and Responsibility (UT Austin/St Andrews)

Online Workshop Schedule Please email Matthew Vermaire <[email protected]> if you'd like the Zoom link. Friday April 9th: Justin Snedegar (University of St Andrews) / "Dismissing Blame" Abstract: When someone blames you, you might accept the blame or you might reject it, challenging the blamer’s interpretation of the facts, or providing a justification or excuse. Either ... Read more

2021 Knox Lecture – Tim Scanlon (Harvard University)

2021 Knox Lecture (online via Teams) Knox Lecturer: Tim Scanlon (Harvard University) Title: Further Reflections on Tolerance and its Difficulty Abstract: The paper revisits the account of tolerance discussed in the author’s paper, “The Difficulty of Tolerance,” with the aim of clarifying (1) the reasons people have to care about the character of their society ... Read more

CEPPA Talk – Jonathan Quong (University of Southern California)

Title: The Permissibility of Lesser Evil Abstract: Flood:   Flood water is headed toward a cave where five innocent people are trapped and will be killed if the water reaches them. The water can be diverted into a mineshaft, but innocent Betty is trapped in the mineshaft and will be killed if the water is redirected. ... Read more