5th Annual CEPPA Graduate Conference (St Andrews) – 30-31 May, 2023

5th Annual CEPPA Graduate Conference  30-31 May, 2023, at the University of St Andrews  The Centre for Ethics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs (CEPPA) is proud to host the 5th Annual CEPPA Graduate Conference at the University of St Andrews (UCO: School V). The event will be held in-person with the option for spectators to join online. Registration will open once ... Read more

Special MPRG – Bart Streumer (Groningen)

Location: Edgecliffe G03 Title: QUASI-REALISM FOR REALISTS Abstract: Reductive realists think that normative properties are identical to descriptive properties. But they are often charged with being relativists: it is often argued that their view implies that when two people make conflicting normative judgements, these judgements can both be true. I will argue that reductive realists ... Read more