Stop Supporting the Living Wage Movement!

Ben Sachs argues that there are reasons to be wary of the campaign for a living wage.
April 6, 2017/by Theron Pummer

The dirty politics of scapegoating – and why victims are always the harmless, easy targets

Alex Douglas on scapegoating in current politics.
March 23, 2017/by Theron Pummer

Values, Voting, and Expertise

Katherine Hawley asks: How far can we trust experts when we're deciding how to vote?
March 23, 2017/by Theron Pummer

Presidents Club dinner: why good deeds never justify bad actions

Anh Quan Nguyen in The Conversation, on moral licensing.
January 30, 2017/by Theron Pummer

Risky Giving 

Non-consequentialist criteria imply that it is not wrong to give to at least some of the charities that Singer and other effective altruists recommend, even when this comes with significant risk of doing harm.
April 6, 2016/by Michael Arrowsmith

Population Ethics and Indeterminacy

How should we compare a decrease in average quality of life with a gain in population size? Can invoking indeterminacy help solve the difficult theoretical problems in population ethics?
March 20, 2015/by Theron Pummer

Practical Philosophy: A Historical Introduction

Excerpt from John Haldane's *Practical Philosophy: Ethics, Culture and Society* (2009) 'Introduction'.
April 16, 2009/by Theron Pummer

Scots thinkers who forged new democracy from the colonies

An article by John Haldane that first appeared in the Scotsman newspaper in 2008.
April 10, 2008/by Theron Pummer

Democratic Deficit

Extract from Chapter 1 of past Knox Lecturer Neil MacCormick's short book *Who's Afraid of a European Constitution?* (2005).
April 16, 2005/by Theron Pummer
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