What Difference Does It Make?

Philosophy’s Impact Beyond Philosophy


2nd CEPPA Graduate Conference in Moral and Political Philosophy  

8-10 February 2019 in St Andrews


There is a gulf between academic philosophy and the public. Rarely are young philosophers encouraged to communicate their work in public, rather than academic, venues. The aim of this conference is to take a step toward remedying this situation.

We invite contributions from all areas in moral and political philosophy, aesthetics, and metaethics. We ask prospective speakers to bear in mind the following: What is the relevance of the problem addressed beyond academia? What might society at large gain from better understanding the issue under discussion? In short, what difference does it make?


Keynote speakers

We are delighted to host Annabelle Lever (Sciences Po Paris) and Katarzyna de Lazari-Radek (Łódź) as our keynote speakers, and to have Carrie Jenkins (British Columbia) delivering a workshop on public philosophy through Skype.



We invite submissions from all graduate students working in any area of moral and political philosophy, aesthetics, and metaethics (excluding those affiliated with St Andrews and Stirling). Speakers will receive comments from faculty members or graduate students at St Andrews and Stirling.

We will aim to provide each speaker with a substantial travel bursary, and are able to offer free accommodation (with a St Andrews graduate student).

Date of conference: 8-10 February 2019 in St Andrews

Submission Deadline: 15 November 2018

Notifications of Acceptance: Before Christmas

Submission: 250 Word Abstract + 4000 Word Paper to ceppagradconf@outlook.com

All submissions should include a short abstract (250 words) and a paper no longer than 4000 words (including footnotes and endnotes, excluding bibliography). Papers should be suitable for a talk of 30 minutes, be authored by a current graduate student, and be suitable for blind review. We especially encourage submissions from members of underrepresented groups in philosophy.