Special MPRG: Mattia Cecchinato

Mattia Cecchinato (DPhil Candidate at Oxford, former MPhil student at St Andrews) will give a paper at this week's MPRG.


Edgecliffe 104

Two day in-person workshop featuring papers by Jeff McMahan, Julia Driver, Kerah Gordon-Solmon, Rahul Kumar, Thom Brooks, Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, and Joe Horton. More details coming soon. Location: Edgecliffe 104 (and G01 for catering)

The Future of Work and Income Conference

The Future of Work and Income Research Network    ([email protected]) Centre for Ethics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs Department of Philosophy, University of St Andrews Workshop to be held in person Free to attend Confirmed Speakers: Anca Gheaus, Central Europea University Ingrid Robeyns, Utrecht University Philippe Van Parijs, University of Leuven