CEPPA Talk (In person) – Joel Joseph (St Andrews)

Title: Eliminative Harming without Intentions Location: Edgecliffe G03 Abstract: Consider the following pair of cases  Roughshod. You are driving to the hospital for an emergency life-saving operation. If you do not make it in time, you will die. However, Victim is lying in the only road that will get you there in time. Although Victim ... Read more

CEPPA Talk (online) – Orri Stefánsson (Stockholm)

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Title: Chance Prioritarianism Location: Teams (online only), and streamed from Edgecliffe G03 Abstract: I will defend what we could call survival chance prioritarianism, according to which the moral value of improving someone’s chance of surviving (some period) is greater the more likely the person was to die before the improvement. I motivate this view by ... Read more

Event Series Moral Philosophy Reading Group

Moral Philosophy Reading Group

This week will be a work-in-progress session, discussing a draft paper by our very own Bradley Hillier-Smith, on 'Rights, Duties and Inviolability'. Here is the abstract: Rights entail corresponding negative duties not to violate those rights. On this, all rights-theorists agree. Yet there is disagreement on whether rights also entail positive duties to protect and ... Read more

CEPPA Talk (online) – Lara Buchak (Princeton)

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Title: Risk, Ambiguity, and Ethical Decision-Making Abstract: I argue that it can be rational to defer to an authority about what to believe or what to do even when doing so goes against one’s own reasoning. Indeed, such deference is rational in typical cases in which individuals treat others as authorities: for example, experts in ... Read more