Illustrations from Climate Justice Workshop

Some weeks ago during our Climate Justice Workshop, the wonderful Ben Nightingale from Babatat Studio captured the talks in these gorgeous posters. Climate Justice Workshop in St Andrews on the 29th and 30th of May 2024 organised by Krushil Watene, Mara van der Lugt, and James Rae. You can download a PDF with all of the illustrations here.

Tasneem Mirza (UNDP) – Human Development and Intergenerational Equity.

Simon Hope (Stirling University) – Ka Whawhai Tonu Matou: Climate Justice as a Struggle without End.

Marco Grix (University of Auckland) – Practices and Climate Justice.

Roger Merino (Universidad del Pacífico, Lima) – Decolonizing ecological democracy: Scientific communities, indigenous knowledge, and pluriversal governance.

Billy van Uitregt (Victoria University Wellington) – Antarctic governance and reimagining Antarctic futures.

Mariaelena Huambachano (Syracuse University) – Seeding a Movement: Insights from Indigenous Food Sovereignty.

Quân Nguyen (University of Edinburgh) – Grassroots: Never Trust a COP.

Stephen Gardiner (University of Washington) – Beyond Institutional Denial: A Global Constitutional Convention for Future Generations.

Esme Murdock (San Diego State University) – LandCestors: Black and Native Climate Dreaming.

Te Kahuratai Moko-Painting (University of Auckland) – Maramataka and Climate Science.

Krushil Watene (University of Auckland) – Bridging Distance: Pacific Philosophy and Antarctica.

Althea Davies (University of St Andrews) – The co-production imperative: doing more than more than giving voice to the future generations of the climate impacted?

Tahseen Jafry (Glasgow Caledonian University) – About Climate Justice: What Does it Mean and What Lies Ahead?