St Andrews CEPPA Graduate Conference

Schedule – St Andrews CEPPA Graduate Conference

17th February (location: Edgecliffe 104)
– 10am: ‘Aggregration with Constraints’, Korbinian Rüger (Oxford)
Commentator: Theron Pummer (St Andrews)
– 11.15am: Coffee
– 11.30am: Keynote 1 – ‘Longevity and Liability’, Prof Andrew Williams (ICREA & Pompeu Fabra University)
– 1pm: Lunch
– 2pm: ‘How To Avoid Three Problems for Moral Relativism: Attribute Reasons to Societies as Well as Persons!’, Michelle Dyke (NYU)
Commentator: Ben Sachs (St Andrews)
– 3.15pm: ‘Third-Factor Explanations and Disagreement in Metaethics’, Michael Klenk (Utrecht)
Commentator: Marvin Backes (St Andrews)
– 4.30pm: Coffee
– 4.45pm: ‘Terrorism as a Violent Practice of Eradication: Killing Bodies to Kill Ideas’, Lu-Vada Dunford (Toronto)
Commentator: Joe Slater (St Andrews)
– 7.30pm: Conference Dinner (North Point)

18th February (location: Edgecliffe 104)
– 10am: ‘Adaptive Preference Tradeoffs’, Audra Jenson (Virginia Tech)
Commentator: Rowan Cruft (Stirling)
– 11.15am: Coffee
– 11.30am: Keynote 2 – ‘Moral and Aesthetic Virtue’, Prof Alison Hills (Oxford)
– 1pm: Lunch
– 2pm: ‘Are Unjust Non-Combatants Liable To Attack?’, Romy Eskens (Oxford)
Commentator: Matt Clark (St Andrews)
– 3.15pm: ‘Inspiration Pornography and the Objectification of the Physically Disabled’, Nadia Mehdi (Sheffield)
Commentator: Clotilde Torregrossa (St Andrews)
– 4.30pm: Coffee
– 4.45pm: ‘Extrinsic identity, intrinsic value’, Kacper Kowalczyk (Oxford)
Commentator: Anh Quan Nguyen (St Andrews)

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