CEPPA Talk (in person) – Matthew Adler (Duke University)

Location: Edgecliffe G03 and Teams Title: “Person-Affecting Consequentialism: Equity-Regarding, Desert-Neutral, Repugnant” Abstract: The philosophical literature on consequentialism regularly distinguishes between “person-affecting” and “impersonal” moral justifications or accounts.   The “person-affecting”/”impersonal” distinction can be interpreted in various ways.  I understand it as follows.  A person-affecting justificatory framework sees individuals’ well-being gains and losses—well-being effects on persons—as the fundamental ... Read more

Enrico Galvagni – CEPPA Work-In-Progress Talk (in person)

Location: Edgecliffe G03 Title: Hume’s Account of Virtue and Its Place in the History of Ethics Abstract: Hume’s account of virtue is notoriously puzzling. On the one hand, he claims that the virtues are qualities useful or agreeable to oneself or to others. On the other, he says that they are qualities which give a pleasing ... Read more

CEPPA Talk (in person) – Brian Hedden (ANU)

Location: School 6 Title: Counterfactual Decision Theory Abstract: I defend counterfactual decision theory, which says that you should evaluate an act in terms of which outcomes would likely obtain, were you to perform it. Counterfactual decision theory has traditionally been subsumed under causal decision theory as a particular formulation of the latter. This is a mistake. ... Read more

SOCIETY AND HUMAN NATURE: A Workshop in Early Modern Philosophy

Wednesday, 15 June 2022 Edgecliffe, Room 104, University of St Andrews 9:30-10:00: Welcome coffee Morning session: Chair: James Harris (University of St Andrews) 10:00-10:45: David Harmon (University of St Andrews) “The Model of Human Nature and Whether ‘Ought’ Implies ‘Can’ in Spinoza” 10:45-11:30: Ruth Boeker (University College Dublin) “Catharine Trotter Cockburn on Self-interest, Self-love, and ... Read more

Epistemic Breakthroughs Conference

Epistemic Breakthroughs: A workshop University of St Andrews Join us for a philosophical workshop on the topic of "epistemic breakthroughs," held at the University of St Andrews, in partnership with the JN Wright Trust, The Mind Association, and the Scots Philosophical Association. When? Friday, June 24th Saturday, June 25th Where? Lecture Room 2, at St ... Read more

Contractarianism, Role Obligations, and Political Morality

Edgecliffe G03 The Scores, St Salvator's Quad

An in-person symposium in St. Andrews on themes from the recently-published, Contractarianism, Role Obligations, and Political Morality, by Ben Sachs. Location: Edgecliffe, G03 Schedule (all times PM) 1:30-1:55: Ben Sachs-Cobbe, Philosophy, University of St. Andrews, "Welcome and Summary" (Chs. 1-3) 1:55-2:35: Michael Moore, Law, University of Illinois, “Finding the Purposes of Staplers and States” (Ch. ... Read more

CEPPA Talk (in person) – Cécile Fabre (Oxford)

Location: Edgecliffe G03 Title: The Morality of Gossip Abstract: Gossip is pervasive and wide-ranging. It lubricates and wrecks social relationships. Many people openly confess to loving it yet acknowledge that gossiping, while often gratifying, is, if not morally wrong, at least not quite right. Gossip has not received much attention in moral philosophy. In this ... Read more