CEPPA Talk (in person) – Elad Uzan (Oxford)

Title: Compromises and Lesser-Evil Compromises in Ending Wars. Abstract: Contemporary conflicts often lack a clear end-state, posing challenges to the traditional notion of victory in just wars. This ambiguity calls for a revaluation of war’s objectives, suggesting that wars should end without a clear victory. In this paper, I will explore various moral and non-moral ... Read more

CEPPA Talk (in person) – Quân Nguyen (Edinburgh)

This talk is part of our series on Climate Ethics Title: Is despair about climate breakdown rational? Abstract: Both within the wider climate and environmentalist movement as well as in academic circles, it has become a common assumption that, in order to maintain and sustain actions against the climate crisis, we need to avoid despair. ... Read more

CEPPA Talk (in person) – John Broome (Oxford)

Edgecliffe G03 The Scores, St Salvator's Quad

Location: Edgecliffe G03 Title: The Continuum Argument Is Invalid Abstract: Derek Parfit argues by means of something he calls a ‘continuum argument’ that a particular appealing premise in population axiology implies a conclusion that he and many others consider repugnant. He treats this as a paradox, and takes up the challenge of resolving it. He looks ... Read more

CEPPA Talk (in person) – Michael Gill (Edinburgh)

Title: The Formality of the Humean Authoritative Ought Abstract: There are different things we ought to do. There is what we ought to do insofar as we are seeking to advance our long-term interests. There is what we ought to do insofar as we are trying to do our job well. There is what we ... Read more

CEPPA Talk (in person) – Helen Frowe (Stockholm)

Edgecliffe G03 The Scores, St Salvator's Quad

Title: The Permissibility of Collective Defence Agreements Abstract: Collective defence agreements (CDAs), of the sort that exist between, for example, NATO members, EU members, and African Union members, are a prime example of a prominent deterrence mechanism. They promise a degree of assistance that will make it almost impossible for an adversary to win an ... Read more

CEPPA Talk (in person) – Bridget Bradley (St Andrews)

This talk is part of our series on Climate Ethics. Title: Ethical births, ethical deaths: Climate anxiety in Britain through the life course Abstract: This paper is based on anthropological research conducted with climate activists on the topic of climate anxiety in Britain. Drawing on themes of kinship and its relationship to mental health and ... Read more

CANCELLED CEPPA Talk (in person) – Victor Tadros (University of Warwick)

Edgecliffe 104

Title: Consent, Intent, and Communication What is consent? I will assume that it is a normative power – a power to alter rights and duties directly. If this is right, how is consent exercised? I will argue that consent is exercised through the execution of intentions to alter practical reasoning. Successful communication is not needed ... Read more

Book Workshop (in person) – Daniel Muñoz (UNC Chapel Hill)

Workshop on Daniel Muñoz's forthcoming book What We Owe to Ourselves Date: 15 May 2024 Location: Edgecliffe 104 Registration required: email Theron Pummer ([email protected])   Provisional Schedule  945am: Coffee/tea, welcome 10am: Jordan MacKenzie (Virginia Tech) 1115am: Thomas Schmidt (Humboldt University) 1225pm: Lunch 130pm: Quinn White (Harvard University) 240pm: Coffee/tea 300pm: Kerah Gordon-Solmon (Queen’s University) 415pm: Joseph Bowen (University of Leeds) ... Read more