CEPPA Talk (in person) – Cristina Richie (Edinburgh)

Location: Edgecliffe G03 Title: Green Bioethics: Environmental Sustainability and Health Care Commentator: Joseph Millum (St Andrews) Abstract: Health care is ubiquitous in the industrialized world. Yet, every medical development, technique, and procedure impacts the environment. By 2017, the National Health Service’s Health, and Social Care sectors had a carbon output (CO2) of 27.1 million tons. Carbon ... Read more

CEPPA Talk (in person) – Oskari Sivula (Turku)

Location: Edgecliffe G03 Title: Is the future a utility monster? Abstract: I will revisit Nozick’s utility monster thought experiment and draw an analogy between imagined utility monsters and the long-term future. I argue that the far future can be seen as a real-life utility monster. This is the case if the three premises that form the ... Read more

The Future of Work and Income Conference

The Future of Work and Income Research Network    ([email protected]) Centre for Ethics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs Department of Philosophy, University of St Andrews Workshop to be held in person Free to attend Confirmed Speakers: Anca Gheaus, Central Europea University Andrea Veltman, James Madison University Philippe Van Parijs, University of Leuven

CEPPA Talk (online) – Matthew Liao (NYU)

Microsoft Teams

Title: Threshold Deontology: Some Lessons from Vagueness Abtract: Threshold Deontology is the view that the positive consequences of an act do not normally override moral constraints, but when the positive balance of the consequences of an act is sufficiently great, it may be morally permitted, and possibly required to engage in an act that is ... Read more

CEPPA Talk (online) – Selim Berker (Harvard)

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Title: Is There Anti-Fittingness?" Abstract: The permissible and the forbidden are privative opposites: each is a lack of the other. The good and the bad are, by contrast, polar opposites: badness is anti-goodness, not non-goodness. What about the fitting and the unfitting, the appropriate and the inappropriate, the apt and the inapt, the warranted and ... Read more