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Two days with Jeff McMahan

  Monday 22nd April 5-6:30pm, Edgecliffe 104 ‘Against Collective Responsibility’ —- Tuesday 23rd April 5-6:30, School II ‘On the Responsibilty of Academics Studying War’  


8th January 2019: Trust and Sensation in the Public Communication of Exoplanet Science

Trust and Sensation in the Public Communication of Exoplanet Science     Hosted by the St Andrews Centre for Exoplanet Science and the Centre for Ethics, Philosophy, and Public Affairs. Funded by the Royal Society of Edinburgh. Date: Tuesday 8th January 2018 Venue: room 104, Edgecliffe (Philosophy department), The Scores Description: There is, unsurprisingly, huge public […]

12th October 2018. Workshop: Extra-terrestrial life and purpose in the universe

Extra-terrestrial life and purpose in the Universe This interdisciplinary workshop brings together theologians, philosophers of religion, and moral philosophers to explore the potential impact of the discovery of extra-terrestrial life on our contemporary views about the existence or nature of God, the badness of human extinction, and the scale of our cosmic importance. Speakers have been […]